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The Media Voice of the modern manufacturing economy

CompanyWeek is the media voice of modern manufacturing -- a diverse sector of makers and manufacturers, designers and engineers, growers and builders, lifestyle companies and all-ambitious, growth-oriented companies.

Every week, our publications profile goods-producing companies in industries across the western United States -- and beginning August 2019, nationally with the Cannabis Manufacturing Report. The manufacturing companies we highlight are driving a resurgence of manufacturing prowess and economic growth -- reimagining an iconic sector, reshaping entire industry sectors.

CompanyWeek is a free digital e-publication -- linked back to the content hub at companyweek.com. Content is always independent and never 'paid': CompanyWeek is not pay-to-play. All company features are independently researched and published.

Changing Perceptions, Facilitating Business

We're changing the perception of manufacturing by telling the story of a new, tech-savvy, progressive sector, inviting a new workforce to take a look at a career in manufacturing. Our publications provide the information and tools necessary to facilitate meaningful B2B connections.


Digital Publications, Social Networking, Print Media and Events

Digital Media: Alongside our frequently updated website stories, CompanyWeek newsletters delivers content to your email inbox and include an overview of the top manufacturers and makers in Colorado.

Social Networking: Our social networking platform features a suite of digital tools to be used to manage content, data, subscriptions and advertising.

Events: We proudly work with industry partners to present events across manufacturing industries, such as the Colorado Manufacturing Awards, the Apparel + Lifestyle Manufacturing Summit and the Manufacturing Growth & Investor Conference.

Market-Specific Content Platforms

In addition to publishing three distinct state versions in Colorado, California and Utah, CompanyWeek provides in-depth coverage for business leaders operating in high-growth vertical markets, like craft beer, with BreweryWeek, and fall of 2019, with the Cannabis Manufacturing Report.

CompanyWeek Team

Collectively, our media family builds the weekly meeting place of the manufacturing community. Together, we make sure you're brought the best company overviews, industry news and trends from around California, Colorado and Utah.

Bart Taylor