Allgood Provisions

Mar 13, 2016

Company Details


Salt Lake City, Utah

Founded: 2011

Employees: 2

Privately Owned

Jake Boyd and Allgood Provisions balance the nutty process of growing organically

Allgood Provisions began operating in 2011 in Park City, Utah. Determined to make a high quality version of favorite snacks, Jake Boyd, Founder and CEO of Allgood Provisions, started by reaching out to recent graduates of top culinary schools.

Together, they put together flavor profiles that worked – and sold. Today Allgood Provisions packages nuts, trail mix, organic cherries, organic sundried blueberries and banana chips. All products are organic and gluten free.

Though the products are prepared and distributed from Utah, Boyd looks all over the nation for his ingredients.

“We work with small farmers throughout the country, and we’re very selective regarding the source of our products. We prefer to work with organic farmers and suppliers that share our belief in environmental sustainability and responsibility,” Boyd says.

Boyd loves operating out of Utah, but local sourcing is difficult. “It’s tough to find, within our parameters, farmers to work with here. We hold to organically grown, better ingredients to produce a better product which leads to better health. And there just are not many to choose from in Utah,” Boyd admits.

“We love Utah. I’m in love with this state. Our customers here live healthy, active lifestyles and they appreciate good food. They are careful about what they eat and what they feed their families. And the state is business-friendly and supportive of young, new products. Utah is a hub of great start-ups with a lot of potential,” Boyd says.

Nearly five years later after he started Allgood Provisions, Boyd has an enviable problem on his hands: controlling the rapid growth of his new company. Though Boyd loved the Park City location, he’s already had to move in order to find more space. Unwilling to pay resort-city prices, Allgood Provisions moved west to Salt Lake City.

Today, Allgood Provisions products are currently available in over 400 locations. “But we have a lot of growth planned,” Boyd says. “We have exported to China a few times, and that market is growing like crazy due to a growing middle class.” Boyd is also seeking a new partnership with a national distributor to get Allgood Provisions in more locations.

“Right now we ship direct. It’s great because we are able to form relationships with our clients. So moving to a national distributor is quite a jump,” Boyd says.

Challenges: This process of finding the right distributing partnership has been a challenge. “There are some difficulties,” Boyd admits. “There are big players, big names, who have the biggest reach throughout the country. There are only two or three of those. The rest are regional distributors. It’s a matter of determining where we want to be. There are a number of things to consider as we maintain sustainable growth. I do not want to get into a situation where increased demand makes us not stay true to our quality and the integrity of our products. There are some challenges but nothing that is too large of a hurdle.”

Opportunities: New products and new flavors: “It is a fun process,” Boyd says. “We love working with our chefs.” Boyd also hosts parties and allows his guests to sample new products and provide feedback. “It’s fun,” he says. This year, Allgood Provisions is moving into a new product line: fresh roasted nuts made at home with a home roasting kit. “We provide packets to the customer to make fresh roasted nuts at home. They get the benefit of fresh roasted nuts plus the added bonus that their whole house smells amazing,” Boyd laughs.

Needs: “We have a great team, but we need to add to our team,” Boyd says. Hiring a new team member can be a daunting task. “It’s a challenge to find just the right fit.”