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Technology InFusions are forums created through the FourFront Project and are implemented by CAMA in the regional Fuse Impact Centers.  InFusions will gather small groups of like-minded individuals for a series of topic specific trainings given by industry experts.  InFusion participants will also have the chance to share and compare their experiences, best practices, and solutions to the topics during the forum.  InFusions will occur on a regular basis across the state of Colorado. Check the FourFront calendar for upcoming dates.

By Ian Harris, Technical Director, Aerospace Solutions, EWI

EWI is dedicated to helping companies develop, test, and implement advanced manufacturing technologies to increase productivity, improve efficiency, and enhance competitiveness in the global marketplace. As we get ready to open EWI Colorado, our new center of excellence in Loveland, we’d like to introduce you to the range of technical capabilities EWI offers – from materials joining to forming to modeling to testing – to promote manufacturing innovation and success. One of our key technology focus areas is additive manufacturing.

The expertise of our additive manufacturing (AM) team runs deep with extensive knowledge and experience in 3D printing processes and design, fusion and solid-state welding technologies (laser, arc, ultrasonic, friction), materials science, process sensing and controls, nondestructive evaluation, modeling and simulation, and structural mechanics. Our metal 3D printing process capabilities include laser and electron beam powder bed fusion, laser- and arc-directed energy deposition, binder jetting, and ultrasonic additive manufacturing. EWI also has consumer- and industrial- grade polymer 3D printers for prototyping and studying design for additive manufacturing. In addition to process technologies, we possess powder and surface characterization capabilities, metallurgical characterization, mechanical testing, NDE capabilities, including x-ray computed tomography, and large-scale metal directed energy deposition equipment including RPM 557 laser-blown powder, and Sciaky 110 EBAM (Dec. 2016).

EWI aims to solve real-world technology challenges with AM options that can be applied right on the factory floor. Our goal is to enable broader adoption of additive manufacturing through the development, demonstration, and innovation of critical technologies along the AM process chain.
Some of our recent work includes:

• In-Process Sensing: EWI is currently evaluating in-process sensing techniques for laser powder bed fusion processes, which includes thermal imaging pyrometers, high-speed video light detection (broadband and spectrographic), acoustic, machine vision, and other novel in-process sensing techniques. This work is funded through America Makes and NIST.

• Post-Process Inspection: EWI is leading America Makes and Air Force efforts to evaluate the current state of the art for post-process inspection applied to metal components produced by 3D printing processes. EWI has also guided the development of process parameter changes to overcome ultrasonic inspection challenges associated with complex titanium alloy microstructures.

• Material and Process Development: As an EOS North America material development partner, we have developed process parameters for a number of engineering alloys, including alloy steels (4140), stainless steels (316, 420, 2205), nickel alloys (Haynes 282, Alloy 400, K-500, C-276), and refractory metals (zirconium alloys, tungsten, molybdenum). Many of these parameters have been transitioned to practice by our customers. We have expanded this capability to the Arcam A2X platform in 2016.

• Machine Development: The AM team explored and developed novel machine/process concepts to reduce cost, increase productivity, and increase the volume of 3D printing machines. EWI also designed and built an open architecture laser powder bed fusion system for in-process sensor and other equipment modifications, and demonstrated equivalency to a commercial EOS M280 system.

• Heat Treatment Development: Through the Additive Manufacturing Consortium, EWI has developed post-process heat treatments that lead to an isotropic grain structure in nickel alloy 625 produced on laser powder bed fusion equipment.

• Material Database Development: EWI, with funding through the Additive Manufacturing Consortium and NIST, has developed documentation and a roadmap to serve as a foundation for property database development.

I’m excited to have the opportunity to tell you more about EWI’s work in AM in person. I will be presenting at the following locations:

Tuesday July 19th, Fort Collins, 4-6pm. 

4-5 presentation, 5-6pm networking. Wolf Robotics 4600 Innovation Drive  Ft Collins

Wednesday July 20th, 4:00—6:00pm, The 3D Printing Store
7151 S. Peoria St UNIT A
Englewood, CO 80112

Thursday July 21st
The Fuse Impact Center
555 E Pikes Peak Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

I’m looking forward to my visit to Colorado, and hope to be able to meet many members of the manufacturing community the weekof July 18th. In the meantime, if you have questions about AM that you’d like to discuss with EWI now, please feel free to contact me, Ian Harris, Technical Director, Aerospace Solutions, at or EWI’s AM team leader Frank Medina at

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