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CompanyWeek California Overview

The media voice of Rocky Mountain manufacturing
is expanding to California!


CompanyWeek is digital media ( and events focusing on U.S. manufacturing.

CompanyWeek’s mission is to tell the story of US manufacturing, to showcase the people, companies, and industries reshaping the sector. To also connect manufacturers with each other and the supply-chain; to inform service, .edu, eco-devo, policy and legislative leaders as to the promise of modern manufacturing; to promote a sector poised to deliver new middle-class American jobs.

  • Core content is 3-4 company ‘profiles’ featured each week in an easy-to-read e-publication. Each are in-depth stories of people, products, and processes.
  • The e-publication is sent to an audience of manufacturing, supply chain, and service company executives in Colorado and Utah. Content is hosted at
  • Since debuting in 2013, CompanyWeek has profiled over 700 companies and the people leading them, telling the story of an evolving U.S. manufacturing sector.

The publication hosts community events, and along with e-publication and website, the media platform has developed into an effective advertising and brand development platform. Advertisers and sponsors use CompanyWeek to reach a new generation of growth companies.  


CompanyWeek will launch in California via:

  1. Features on California manufacturers: we’re underway writing about CA companies.
  2. Strategic partnerships: CW/CA is partnering with California's leading manufacturing organizations and associations to bring the digital media and events platform to the state, organizations like CMTC (the state’s federally-supported MEP) and CMTA (CA’s  manufacturing trade association).
  3. Manufacturing specific audience: CW/CA will launch to approximately 20,000 manufacturing companies via a targeted email publication and online content hub at, following a successful model established in Colorado and Utah.
  4. Outreach to potential advertisers and sponsors: revenue is derived from the community of service and industry organizations selling business services to the manufacturing ecosystem; and entities publicizing or building brands.


CompanyWeek is the nation’s first digital publication to tell the story of growth-manufacturers across eight distinct industry sectors, with an emphasis on the middle-market.

The themes that bind the audience together relate to the shared challenges of US manufacturers, the promise of a new more vibrant sector, and popularity of the company stories that more often than not, have never been told.

Manufacturers read CompanyWeek to stay apprised of innovation, learn about challenges, opportunities and needs faced by other manufacturers and make new connections to help their business.


See what readers are saying about CompanyWeek, below.

Business enthusiasts read CompanyWeek to stay apprised of leading maker and manufacturing companies. It’s industrial and contract manufacturers, builders and energy providers, aerospace and medical device fabricators, brewers and distillers, co-packers and growers -- many entrepreneurial, all sharing an important space in our economy.

CompanyWeek Colorado is a weekly e-publication mailed to 5600 subscribers (including the BreweryWeek vertical). Avg. open rate is 21%, with high click-through rates. 2600-2800 unique manufacturers are active readers.  We reach about the half the entire Colorado market.
CompanyWeek Utah is a monthly e-publication emailed to 1800 subscribers. Avg. open rate is 20% with high click-through rates.
12-15,000 unique readers visit
every month

Over 1000 manufacturers attended CompanyWeek events in 2016, including the Colorado Manufacturing Awards, MFG Growth & Finance Conference, and the Apparel Manufacturing Summit.



CompanyWeek California will be a weekly e-publication mailed to approximately 20,000 manufacturing and supply-chain companies. Stories featured in the e-publication are linked back to a content ‘hub’ at


  • Statewide reach: manufacturers and supply-chain companies throughout the state
  • SIC Major Industry Group:  Manufacturing (20-39): ~39,000 unique business records
    • LESS printers and publications, sign companies: ~ 29,000 records
    • LESS CompanyWeek filter: lack of local decision-making, i.e. franchise locations  
  • PRIORITY: independent, middle-market companies:
    • 50-250 employees -- middle-marketin Bay area, Los Angeles and Orange
  • 20,000-22,000 records after filtering

INDUSTRY - Target audience by industry:

  • Filter Companies By SIC Code
  • 311 - Food Manufacturing
  • 312 - Beverage and Tobacco Product Manufacturing
  • 313 - Textile Mills
  • 314 - Textile Product Mills
  • 315 - Apparel Manufacturing
  • 316 - Leather and Allied Product Manufacturing
  • 321 - Wood Product Manufacturing
  • 322 - Paper Manufacturing
  • 323 - Printing and Related Support Activities
  • 324 - Petroleum and Coal Products Manufacturing
  • 325 - Chemical Manufacturing
  • 326 - Plastics and Rubber Products Manufacturing
  • 327 - Nonmetallic Mineral Product Manufacturing
  • 331 - Primary Metal Manufacturing
  • 332 - Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
  • 333 - Machinery Manufacturing
  • 334 - Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing
  • 335 - Electrical Equipment, Appliance, and Component Manufacturing
  • 336 - Transportation Equipment Manufacturing
  • 337 - Furniture and Related Product Manufacturing
  • 339 - Miscellaneous Manufacturing


  • Story of manufacturing growth- companies -- people and products
    • Cross-industry coverage -- eight industries and the supply chain
    • Geographic diversity - California-wide strategy
  • Reporting on innovation in manufacturing and business processes across manufacturing industries and the supply chain.
  • Policy and regulatory support
  • SWOT Analysis of every business profiled -- challenges, opportunities, needs 


  • California Manufacturing Awards - May-September 2018
  • Manufacturing Growth & Investor Conference
  • Manufacturing Economic Development Summits - regional strategies to develop manufacturing industry
  • Quarterly meet-and-greets with executives profiled in CompanyWeek

Advertising & Event Sponsorship Overview:

CompanyWeek is supported by the network of companies providing services and support to growth-manufacturers. Sponsors and advertisers enjoy brand visibility in weekly newsletter editions and at and in-person opportunities as part of a structured event schedule.

Service and supply-chain firms in:

  • Finance and investment
  • Accounting, tax and audit
  • M&A and valuation
  • Legal services
  • Insurance and risk management
  • HR and recruiting
  • Education and economic development
  • Energy
  • Real Estate
  • IT
  • Materials, packaging, transportation, logistics
  • Supply chain: equipment OEMs and materials providers
  • Management consulting - business and process


Advertising & Sponsor Packages:


  • Category-exclusive Partnership: one company from service sectors outline above
    • Banner advertising in CompanyWeek ‘This Week’, weekly e-publication
    • Corresponding banner advertising at -- including CA home page and CA profiles
    • Introductions to companies profiled in CompanyWeek (as audience affinity grow).
    • Right-of-refusal on major event sponsorships - category exclusive participation, e.g.
      • California Manufacturing Awards
      • California Growth & Investor Conference
    • Sponsorship of informal meet-and-greet with companies profiled (fees included)



  • Category Partnership: one of two-three category sponsors in year one.
    • Banner advertising in CompanyWeek ‘This Week’, weekly e-publication (non-exclusive categories)
      • Guaranteed 2X placement per month
    • Corresponding banner advertising at
    • Event sponsorships - first-right to major events, e.g.
      • California Manufacturing Awards
      • California Growth & Investor Conference
    • Introductions to companies profiled in CompanyWeek (as audience affinity grows.)


All event sponsor fees TBD

What readers are saying…

“Ideas are the currency of any successful business, and CompanyWeek brings together a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who benefit from the exchange of their insights and information. It’s the standard for virtual collaboration in the digital age providing real life examples of action and results that any business can use to help realize their goals in the marketplace.”

Todd Dutkin

CEO, Fresca Foods


“I like to read CompanyWeek to hear the stories behind companies.  From time to time there is something in a company story that gives an idea that is helpful to your own business.”

Bob Walker

President, Walker Manufacturing Company


“I look forward to my email copy of CompanyWeek every Wednesday. It gives me great information on other manufacturers in our region who could be potential customers or suppliers, as well as highlighting the issues we all face.”

Ron Francis

President, Pewag USA


“As a manufacturer I am a dedicated weekly reader of CompanyWeek.  It helps me to keep my finger on the pulse of what is going on in my state with other manufacturers.  It also helps shed light on companies that we can buy from in our supply chain and potentially do business with that I would not otherwise known were so close by! I very much love what Company Week offers us!”

Mark Huebner

President, HookFish Manufacturing



“I enjoy reading CompanyWeek mainly to get Bart’s perspective on issues surrounding manufacturing generally and specifically related to activities in the Rocky Mountain Region.  I have found that Bart has an eye for the salient issues dealing with manufacturing in the region and puts his finger on the strategic issues behind current topics.  He has the ability to put things into a broader context.”  

Tim Bour

Director, 4iNNO


“I gain from reading CompanyWeek because it gives the story other business and insights into what other business owners are facing.  These stories help me learn and think about the challenges we face at Hope.”

Robbie Rech

President / Hope Foods


“I look forward to seeing the latest edition of CompanyWeek hit my email.  The company profiles, columns, and pithy editorials keep me up-to-date on what is happening in the manufacturing community around me.”

Paul A. Harter

President/CEO, Aqua-Hot Heating Systems, Inc.


“There is truly no local publication that supports the small business movement like CompanyWeek. They put tremendous effort into their articles as they focus on the true success stories of local businesses.”

Terry A. Taggart

Chief Executive Officer, Tag Team Manufacturing


“The primary reason that I read CompanyWeek is to keep up-to-date with all of the innovative ideas and products that Colorado manufacturers are showcasing. I find it to be very informative, both by learning more about companies that I'm already familiar with, as well as learning about new companies doing exciting things in Colorado. We are always on the lookout for opportunities to partner with Colorado companies and CompanyWeek is an excellent way to learn about them.”

Taylor L. Merritt

CEO, Merritt Aluminum Products


“I love the deep insight that I get only from CompanyWeek. Sharing our regional business success stories makes this email one I open and read right away to stay on top of the up and coming players that are making a real difference in the market place.”

Richard Schneider  - Tortilla Savant

Raquelitas Tortillas - Colorado's Premium Tortilla Baker Since 1960.


“Company Week represents more than a prospecting and traditional advertising outlet like most traditional media. It provides insights into the state of our region, emerging trends and shifts in technology, practice and business models. Not only has Boulder Engineering Studio been able to connect with potential opportunities, but we've been able to leverage the CW community to expand our network of vendors and specialists allowing us to be more efficient and effective in our development and prototyping efforts on behalf of our clients."

Dan Bodenstein

COO, Boulder Engineering Studio


“CompanyWeek has a really good understanding of Colorado manufacturing, so it’s the one e-publication I make sure I tap into every week. I especially enjoy the natural and organic food manufacturers they spotlight, as these companies are helping to change the way American eats.”

Robb Caseria

CEO – Natural Food Works, LLC