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CompanyWeek Supply Chain

CompanyWeek’s Supply Chain business listings and Concierge services connect manufacturing companies with the supply chain and each other. Brands and manufacturing companies are invited to submit listings for e-publication in CompanyWeek and a new monthly Supply Chain edition published the first Monday of every month.

Listings in CompanyWeek are intended to:

  • Publicize contract manufacturing services, fabrication, assembly, packaging and distribution, materials and other supply-chain services, across multiple industries
  • Publicize services needed or suppliers and supply-chain services a company needs

...all in the context of our weekly stories, opinions, and features.

Listings in the Supply Chain edition will also include:

  • Investment and investor news, coinciding with the Manufacturing Investor Network and 2018 Investor Conference
  • Workforce-related announcements regarding major industry positions
  • Other industry-related
  • Awards announcements

Listings and participation in November and December 2017 is FREE!

Editorial Guidelines:

Submit a 250 wd. overview of your brand or manufacturing business. Here's the content guidelines.

  • Name of company, website, city, state 
  • Company Summary: 25-75 words on company
  • Supply Chain Listing: 50-100 words on what services and products the company is offering other manufacturers -- or what services the company is looking for. 
  • Target industries and/or companies: what types of businesses are you targeting
  • Contact: name, title, phone, email of contact at company
  • The entire listing should be no more than 250 words. Style is flexible, but please use complete sentences. Please send photos and a logo to accompany the listing.
  • Photos -- maximum of three submitted @ 1000 pxls.
  • Listings are free.

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For more information on having your company, service, or desired manufacturing outcome publicized in CompanyWeek and CompanyWeek Supply Chain, contact:

Katie Keating,, or call 740-504-3237