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Industry Report: Automation and the Manufacturing Workforce

By Eric Peterson | Oct 04, 2022

Aerospace & Electronics Industrial & Equipment Energy & Enviro Contract Manufacturing Arizona California Colorado Texas Utah

A concerted federal push and snarled overseas supply chains are boosting manufacturing in the U.S. in a time of economic uncertainty. Automation of both manufacturing and administrative processes is a key to the comeback -- and so is an upskilled workforce.


Quest Thermal Group

By Eric Peterson | Sep 26, 2022

Aerospace & Electronics Industrial & Equipment Energy & Enviro Colorado

CEO Alan Kopelove is supplying next-generation thermal insulation to spacecraft as it looks to help facilitate missions to the Moon and Mars.


Full Throttle Machine Works

By Angela Rose | Aug 28, 2022

Industrial & Equipment Energy & Enviro Texas

With oil and gas in her blood, it's only natural that Lauren Tipps, Founder and President of Full Throttle Machine Works, has found her calling in gate valve remanufacturing and repair.


Top 10: Most popular CompanyWeek profiles from Q1 2015

By Eric Peterson | Apr 09, 2015

Consumer & Lifestyle Food & Beverage Industrial & Equipment Electronics & Aerospace Energy & Enviro

The best-read sectors were beer, lifestyle, and heavy-duty: aerospace and nuclear.


Lightning Hybrids

By Eric Peterson | Sep 24, 2014

Supply Chain Energy & Enviro

Lightning’s innovative hydraulic hybrid systems are converting mainstream commercial users and opening new markets for Tim Reeser and co-founder Dan Johnson.