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Introducing the Colorado Manufacturing Awards 2016


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The 2016 Colorado Manufacturing Awards
recognize exceptional companies and people
shaping the modern manufacturing economy.

The theme of the 2016 awards is
– recognizing market-leading, uber-competitive companies
building a sustainable competitive edge. Companies transforming
industries with products, process,vision, leadership, workforce, strategy,
or anything that gives them an edge.


Companies – ‘Game Changers’ in their respective industries are nominated – with a simple form by industry colleagues – by business, government, economic development or education contacts and acquaintances. A judging panel tapped from a similar mix of business and industry professionals will evaluate the entries, select three finalists and one winner from eight industry sectors.

Nominees will be evaluated on the following general criteria:

  • Business performance: has the company demonstrated sustained financial excellence or achieved a competitive breakthrough that positions the company for fast-growth and market-leadership?
  • Product or process excellence: does the company demonstrate sustained product or process excellence that results in a market-leading position?
  • Innovation: is the company demonstrating product or process innovation (e.g. use of technology) that sets it apart from the competition?
  • Employee Involvement:  Does the way the company uses the talents and ideas of its workforce contribute to its competitive position?
  • Culture: Is competitiveness and innovation a part of the company culture and part of the way decisions are made? Is the company an industry ‘game changer’ for the state and region in addition to its industry? Will it serve as a catalyst for others to operate in or relocate to the region?

In this inaugural year, judges will rely on subjective analysis to identify finalists and winners. Companies will not be asked to supply financial data or other proprietary information. The objective of the awards is to identify companies that have demonstrated visible, transparent success in the markets in which they operate.

Three finalists will be selected from each of eight industry sectors. Finalists will be publicized in the fall/winter edition of CompanyWeek’s MFG magazine.

A single winner from each category will be announced at a reception and industry event in spring of 2016. A statewide publicity program will be undertaken to shine a light on finalists and winners, through select media channels and partnerships with local government and economic development offices.

Additionally, a regional and national publicity program will be implemented through the NIST Manufacturing Extension Partner program facilitated by Manufacturer's Edge and the Colorado Chamber of Commerce (CACI), through its affiliate partnership with the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), based in Washington D.C.

The Colorado Manufacturing Awards are presented by CompanyWeek Media
and Manufacturer’s Edge, with key support from CACI, BKD, and UMB.