Stitch Texas

By Gregory Daurer | Nov 01, 2021

Consumer & Lifestyle Supply Chain Texas

Co-owner Angie Ramirez and her team creatively nurture ideas for sewn goods that will eventually be assembled at a variety of factories in Texas and beyond.



By Eric Peterson | Oct 27, 2021

Aerospace & Electronics Texas

Founder and CEO Shey Sabripour is manufacturing the future of telecommunications.



By Eric Peterson | Aug 31, 2021

Cannabis & Hemp Texas

The upstart supplier is bringing innovation to the CBD space with proprietary processes that eliminate nearly all of the psychoactive THC in hemp extracts.


Industry Report: Building an OI Manufacturing Cluster

Aug 03, 2021

Consumer & Lifestyle Supply Chain California Colorado Texas Utah

A holy grail for economic developers and the subject of academic research for more than a century, manufacturing clusters drive the global economy. On the Western Slope of Colorado, there's an opportunity to foster a cluster around the manufacturing of outdoor gear.


Earthly Labs

By Chris Meehan | Aug 14, 2020

Brewing & Distilling Cannabis & Hemp Energy Texas

Founder and CEO Amy George has developed technology for breweries to capture carbon dioxide and potentially market it to cannabis growers and other businesses.


Walker Custom Boots

By Eric Peterson | Jul 08, 2015

Consumer & Lifestyle Texas Utah

Don Walker is a notable member of an increasingly exclusive club of artisan bootmakers in the West.