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Sample The Data

CompanyWeek's archive of in-depth company profiles is now available in a single searchable database, searchable by multiple fields including location, industry and products, and importantly, challenges, opportunities and needs as communicated by company executives. Today it's available for CompanyWeek digital media subscribers.

It's an ideal tool for both manufacturers and service companies. Manufacturers and supply-chain firms can track industry trends and target outreach to explore collaborative efforts. Service businesses can assess needs and challenges to design effective solutions and service offerings. 

The Data

As of May 2020, more than 1340 records from 5+ years of publishing comprise the database. Each month, 12-15 new company records will be added. Subscribers will receive automatic data updates as part of the All Access + Data package.

Here's a sample of actual data. [Note: contact information including email or address information IS NOT offered as part of this program.] As many as three unique business challenges, opportunities and needs are listed, based on the respondents' answers.

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