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Why a Pay Wall

After four-plus years of publishing, CompanyWeek will take the important step of asking readers to pay for content after reading three free company features per month.

Important to who, you might ask? It's a fair question.

There's also an easy answer: we believe our product offers unique value to our customers -- manufacturing and supply-chain executives first, as well as the service and supply companies that provide key services to the manufacturing community. CompanyWeek content meets a growing demand for information about manufacturing -- including challenges, opportunities, and needs of modern manufacturers -- at the same time it fills a need in the market for manufacturing-centric data.

In fact we've waited to establish a paywall until we can also offer an important value-add service to our subscribers. The data set we're offering provides unique value -- and a window into the dynamic, transformative U.S. manufacturing ecosystem.

We're not the first publisher to erect a paywall, but even today, believe our trade-specific information is more valuable than scores of sites that trade in news, the internet's content commodity.

Casual readers will still be able to read three articles a month for free. And our content packages are priced to provide affordable access to all of our content – manufacturing content you will find nowhere else. 

Please contact me with questions or comments. Or SUBSCRIBE!  And in doing so, contribute to elevating the regional dialogue about U.S. manufacturing. It's a worthy cause, and we're champions for the sector.

Bart Taylor, founder and publisher, CompanyWeek